RIVER HOUSE   New Braunfels TX

Three siblings use this 2900sf home as a gathering point for their families. They asked that the design create a space that promotes and emphasizes connections 1) between the families, 2) to light and the surrounding landscape, and 3) to the river. Additionally, the house needed to be built on a very tight budget-- no simple feat for a site within the Guadalupe River Floodway. To achieve these demands, we focused design around standard materials, details, and components while emphasizing dramatic spatial configurations at connection points that would enhance shared moments between the families and the outdoors.

2017 [design and construction by LowDO]

Guadalupe_River_House_site plan.jpg
River List bathroom113988.jpg
River List bedroom114091.jpg
River List bunkbeds114221.jpg
River List dining114137.jpg
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River List Kitchen113863_alt.jpg
River List kitchendetail113891.jpg
River LIst living114048.jpg
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Leonid_Furmansky_2019_Mar 20 201916881Mar 20 2019 RB editSM.jpg
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Leonid_Furmansky_2019_Mar 20 201916874Mar 20 2019 RB editSM.jpg
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