FLEX APPEAL   Los Angeles CA

Adaptive/Expansive Housing is a human community-powered system that is designed to accommodate a range of cohabitation scenarios, as well as fostering genuine relationships between housed and unhoused, high- and low-income residents, owners and renters. The combinatory system operates not unlike a sequence of hybrid architectural DNA that interlaces living and dwelling functions by means of a dynamic human-powered algorithm: building clusters evolve via accretion and reconfiguration, determined by choices and decisions made by members of the community over time, while the overall composition can adjust (attune) to the scale and relative massing of a given neighborhood, in order to create contextual scenarios, situations that are situated and reference vernacular forms.

2021 Honorable Mention in LA Low-rise Competition .

Similar to models of "Open Building", the arrangement of a series of modular-identical housing blocks (shown here with stick frame construction, could be cross-optimized for manufactured housing units for on-site deployment or hybrid construction systems offers user­ occupants (inhabitants) micro­capacity to resize their dwelling units through repartitioning per a sequence of possible scenarios of reconfigurability.

This general capability of all the people living together in a neighborhood to jointly reconstruct it over time- through semi-structured and largely autonomous tiny and small scale market led decision making procedures- enables democratic community formation. The Adaptive house offers more than housing alone; it is an attitude about how to construct architecture as interlaced building and landscape in support of positive urban livelihoods and healthful dwelling in place.