FUFUZELA are free modular mobile #BAMBOTS (bamboo micro-infrastructure) that interoperate at the scale between furniture and architecture. Designed for self-assembly, fufuzela are—like deer and sheep—irregular plurals that are simultaneously one and many. In a world at war with itself, how can we accommodate the multiplicity of a multicultural multiverse? Fufuzela create scaffolding for shared experience: By embodying material ecologies of symbiosis, fufuzela enable new forms of stigmergic interspecies interaction with the city and one another.

FUFUZELA are a freely accessible open-source architecture for celebrating diversity (the design code for fabrication and assembly shall be disseminated online via free digital blueprints), enabling people to make them together, in their own communities, to (re)connect as human beings. Installed as a dynamic and reconfigurable green armature for rewilding the city, BAMBOT: FUFUZELA transforms the MoMA PS1 courtyards into an experiential bio-design lab that maps propagations of the present and empowers people to plant seeds for the future.

Finalist submission for 2019 MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program, Queens NY


  • Atmospheres Design: Panurban, Dr. Yasmine Abbas
  • Canopy Biodesign: Faber Futures, Natsai Chieza with Dr. Brenda Parker
  • Fabrication and Joint Design: Drophouse Design, Christian Klein and Matt Satter
  • Structural Consultant: Fort Structures, Sam Covey
  • Production Support: Penn State Stuckeman School, Humanitarian Materials Lab, Sam Rubenstein and Danielle Vickers; Digital Fabrication Lab, Jamie Heilman and Dani Spewak

Tags: bamboo bambot