Thyme and Dough Addition

Rolling in Thyme and Dough began as an organic produce vendor in 2006 and has transformed into a Dripping Springs hot spot -- a place where people can relax, work, and enjoy a wide assortment of food. It has done so by preserving the existing home it operates out of (originally built in the 1890's), building on the town's historic fabric in a manner which enhances the ambience of the community.

The business, however, has consequently outgrown the old house. In order to alleviate congestion and enhance the great social atmosphere it provides, the owner decided to add a new dining room, EI bar, kitchen, storage and outdoor deck.

The design strategy strives to pay homage to the existing house by lightly connecting to it with a series of simple buildings that open to the surrounding nursery. It also applies minimal stress to the existing structure while allowing the business to continue functioning during the majority of construction.