Kiosk Museum

This project was a collaboration with Nana Oforiatta Ayim, the curator, writer and film-maker who founded the ANO Institute to surface new narratives out of Africa toward development through culture. As part of the launch of her Cultural Encyclopaedia project, initiated as part of LACMA's Art + Technology Lab, she proposed the idea of leveraging the accessibility of the humble kiosk—a pervasive micro-architectural typology that forms a distributed infrastructural network in cities in Ghana and much of West Africa (see Kiosk Culture research)—to deploy an experimental "cultural hub" that could both disseminate, discover and propagate cultural knowledge.

Her design brief was for this museum to look like an ordinary kiosk, made out of the same materials as everyday kiosks in Ghana, and which could be redeployed in different locations. While meeting this general requirement, the design implements several improvements: (1) fully self-supporting structural floor consisting of lightweight steel box trusses (per the AMP spacecraft kit); (2) demountable stud wall construction, bolted to T&G flooring; and (3) operable hinged roof which opens vertically to modulate lighting and airflow.

Construction of this project was conducted as a 24-hour "building performance" commencing at Impact Hub Accra and completed the next morning in front of James Fort Prison, on the opening day of the 2015 Chale Wote Street Art Festival: African Electronics.


Accra, Ghana