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Hill Country Bakery Addition

Rolling in Thyme and Dough began as an organic produce vendor in 2006 and has transformed into a Dripping Springs hot spot -- a place where people can relax, work, and enjoy a wide assortment of food. It has done so by preserving the existing home it operates out of (originally built in the 1890's), building on the town's historic fabric in a manner which enhances the ambience of the community. 

The business, however, has consequently outgrown the old house. In order to alleviate congestion and enhance the great social atmosphere it provides, the owner decided to add a new dining room, EI bar, kitchen, storage and outdoor deck.

The design strategy strives to pay homage to the existing house by lightly connecting to it with a series of simple buildings that open to the surrounding nursery. It also applies minimal stress to the existing structure while allowing the business to continue functioning during the majority of construction.

The surrounding nursery provides a great opportunity to integrate the spaces and porches in a beautiful garden setting. A deck will extend from the new dining area, conneced by a series of windows.

"Green" screens provide protection from a harsh sun, integrate the new and old facades, and redirect existing circulation paths.





Shiner Guesthouse

The farmhouse has long served as an iconic link between human society and the earth. Located in the expansive rural landscape of southeast Texas, this project connects "home" with outside landscape at varying depths through moments of everyday use.

While a house in a more urban setting must obscure its contents--protect those within it--a farmhouse removed from urban contexts, standing alone on acres of land, can celebrate transparency and the proliferation of uninterrupted visual corridors.

Rather than feeling carefully guarded when opening a screen, inhabitants in the farmhouse enjoy the freedom of feeling that their surroundings lay open before them at all times.


The master plan thus situates two pieces, main house and guest house, such that a shared landscape emerges that moves not only from house to landscape but also from house to house.

The buildings are positioned to best take advantage of sweeping views toward the rolling hills and town of Moulton, as well as to best control wind and sun exposure in the hot Texas climate.


Herradura Ranch Residence

The client desired an economic barn-style house for a 7,000 acre ranch. He is a major league baseball pitcher who will only live and train at the location during the off-season; therefore, minimal investment for the living quarters was demanded—the value lay in the land.

In order to achieve the space and program requirements for this ranch-style training facility and house, a pre-fabricated metal building package was ordered which included 11 standard sized windows and two garage doors. The prefab building, typically used for industrial warehouses and sheds provides enclosure for living, barn, and training spaces at minimum expense. Two additional garage doors were added: when opened they provide expansive views out to the landscape, embracing the expansive Southeast Texas landscape—they bring light and long views throughout the building's simple yet dynamic spaces.. When closed they protect against the hot texas sun and provide security to the building when unoccupied.

The metal building is transformed from its traditional industrial typology to an intertwined living/training space which sits in the landscape as an art object.

The stairs and patios become the playful connective tissue which weave through the building and bind the spaces together.

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