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Foundation Finished

Today Dennis Steel finished installing the steel beams, completing the pier and beam foundation for the main living space. There were only 2 beams left to place so they spent the majority of time completing welds.

We're ready for the framers to arrive on Thursday and then everything will start moving very quickly (hopefully).

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Erecting Steel

Dennis Steel arrived today to erect the steel beam foundation. They brought a rather large crane to a quiet neighborhood - the job will take a little over a day.

After each one of the piers was prepped with steel blocking and shim plates, a crew of 4 worked with the crane to place each beam.

In order to make sure everything is at the right height, small shim plates were welded to a previously embedded steel plate on each pier as necessary.

It will take a bit more time tomorrow to finish the job.

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Finishing the Pour

Today we finished pouring concrete. 3 of us dug out the last  4 piers and footings for the front porch, then we used bags of ready mix concrete.

now we'll clean up and regrade the site, and erect the steel beams. next week will be a little slow as we wait for city and bank approval before we install the steel... its actually good timing because south by southwest and the ncaa tournament are both starting!

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Concrete Arrives

We finished pouring concrete today for all of the deep drilled piers and the back porch footings. tomorrow we'll finish the front porch footings (we had to wait on digging those so the truck wouldn't crush them).

The crew from Mario's Concrete continue to do a good job.

A crew also came in and set up our temporary electricity pole.

and of course every construction site needs a port-o-potty.


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Setting the Tubes

concrete delivery was delayed until tomorrow, but that was probably a good thing because it gave us more time to ensure the pier formwork was set up properly. there was one little problem today:

be careful when you're looking into a 15 foot hole, you might drop something in... like a phone. one of our guys had his slip out of his jacket and it took a full team with mcgiver-like skills to recover it.

with some rebar, a plastic plate, and some wire, the phone was finally rescued.

we finished the day digging the footings at the back porch. digging a 2ft x 2ft square 4ft down is no joke.

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Drill Baby Drill

The first big machinery arrived today, provided by MG Drilling. The foundation is pier and beam with steel beams; therefore, we have a number of deep 18" diameter piers which required mechanical drilling. Apparently, the lot in this neighborhood used to be part of a river basin so the soil (composed of sandy clay) was easy to cut through and the drilling went fast.

We brought in an arborist, Keith Babberney of Arborworks Tree Care to air spade (a hose hooked up to a compressor digs through the dirt by blowing pressurized air) the first 4 ft of depth for two piers located in the critical root zone of the pecan tree.

In the end we were left with 16 of these holes.

Later in the day a crew arrived to put together the rebar cages which will be inside each of the concrete piers. These guys were really fast getting everything in place.

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