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Interiors (public)

Here are a few pics of living and dining spaces. The shelving weaves through these spaces to define more intimate moments. The clients are completely moved in now and we hope to get a photographer in for a final shoot within the coming weeks. The photo below was taken before the kitchen shelving was completed, but gives you a good sense of the space and light.

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The interior of the house is really starting to take shape now that the drywall is up. Patchmasters began work last monday and finished hanging the drywall within a few days.

You can understand how light and shadow move through the space now.

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Morning at Garden St.

A couple of random images showing some of the material and lighting effects the house plays with.

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It Turned Blue!

But not because its cold enough to drink. The house is now completely wrapped in 1" dow foam, which provides an exterior layer of insulation and prevents any type of thermal bridging through the wall studs.

The house faces just enough east so that the early morning sun casts nice shadows across the north-facing facade.

We tweaked the outdoor shower off the master sweet a bit so that light and air will flow in from above and below.

A cornice crew from Synergy installed the thermally broken aluminum windows.

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