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Drywall on the river

Construction on this house has been a long grind, but the end is near and we think the product will be worth it. The space transforms once drywall goes up.





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Texture Walls & Floors

While we did a little traveling the first week of June, the drywall was finished (floated and textured) and installation of the interior floor began.

The floor throughout the house is white oak, except for where we are using tile (bathrooms and utility room).  There will be a rough sand after the tile is installed, and one more fine sanding toward the very end of construction.

The walls were coated with a standard texture; all that is left to finish these surfaces is to paint them after tile is in.

We're looking at both subtle and bright pops of color for side rooms, while the main living area will remain a bright white canvas for the Marshalls to make their own.

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The interior of the house is really starting to take shape now that the drywall is up. Patchmasters began work last monday and finished hanging the drywall within a few days.

You can understand how light and shadow move through the space now.

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After a great deal of consideration we decided to stain the  north and south wood facade a light grey. This subdues the wood a bit so that it fits in better with the neighborhood (something we feel is very important) while complimenting the window trim and siding.

Many of the exterior details are finished: the polycarb skylights and "screens" at the front and back porch are installed.

The drywall for the project arrived late on Friday. It should go up pretty quickly and be textured by the weeks end.

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