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Concept design in Dripping Springs

We've got a number of projects on the boards right now-- this is a guest house and main house in Dripping Springs, TX all connectected under one roof. We are considering a variety of facade concepts.



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RTD Construction Almost Complete

The design and construction of the Rolling in Thyme and Dough Addition flew by (construction began on June 26) and is now almost complete. A lot of details and design moves felt the force of such a fast pace but many of the broader concepts remain clearly defined.

The original building was built in the 1890's. We wanted to respect its history (and its structure) by connecting lightly to the building in a way that clearly defines but compliments new and old.

The new dining areas frame views to the nursery outside. The lighting isn't quite done, we had to use some temporary fixtures for the opening. Eventually there will be a field of flexible colored shades.

A number of playful moments were designed to look out, through, back in and out again both new and old spaces.



Hill Country Bakery Addition

Rolling in Thyme and Dough began as an organic produce vendor in 2006 and has transformed into a Dripping Springs hot spot -- a place where people can relax, work, and enjoy a wide assortment of food. It has done so by preserving the existing home it operates out of (originally built in the 1890's), building on the town's historic fabric in a manner which enhances the ambience of the community. 

The business, however, has consequently outgrown the old house. In order to alleviate congestion and enhance the great social atmosphere it provides, the owner decided to add a new dining room, EI bar, kitchen, storage and outdoor deck.

The design strategy strives to pay homage to the existing house by lightly connecting to it with a series of simple buildings that open to the surrounding nursery. It also applies minimal stress to the existing structure while allowing the business to continue functioning during the majority of construction.

The surrounding nursery provides a great opportunity to integrate the spaces and porches in a beautiful garden setting. A deck will extend from the new dining area, conneced by a series of windows.

"Green" screens provide protection from a harsh sun, integrate the new and old facades, and redirect existing circulation paths.




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Framing Thyme and Dough

All sections of the foundation are in place and the framing has begun. A small crew will progressively work on each of the new buildings.

This will be the new entry and informal dining/working area with communal tables and a bar countertop.

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