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Shelving Starts

Shelving runs throughout the house as a space-defining element that can be filled with the owners' personal objects and memories. The shelving in the living room acts as a continuous system spanning from one side of the house to another and serving simultaneously as a stair guardrail, as a screen between the front door and the rest of the room, as the entertainment unit and as storage.  Here see this shelving emerge from the upper floor. [slideshow] [gallery]

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A few of the various installations happening on site this month.

We are building a lot of custom shelving for this home, starting with some smaller pieces in the bathrooms.

We placed plywood on the cabinets as a sub-counter for the concrete countertop (coming soon).  This helps distribute the weight of the concrete across the cabinets, and it helped make undermounting the kitchen sink easier.

Kitchen exhaust.  It's a wall mount, but drops in front of the windows, so some custom lowdo attachment was involved.

Grille research at our friend's apartment.  Turns out aluminum grilles are quite pricey, so for the floor and kitchen vents we custom made some "aluminum" grilles with spray paint.

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Concrete Counter Test Pours

We exposed the aggregate by performing a throw test: We threw the block of concrete up in the air.  We did this three times.  The first two it landed on natural ground/debris and stayed intact.  The third time it landed on the sidewalk and broke.  Conclusion: no throwing concrete at our countertops.






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Stair = Return Air Vent

The stair from the front porch entry door down to the main level is also our return air vent.  We replaced the risers with grilles, with the large return air ductwork hidden behind the steps and leaving our large walls uninterrupted.

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