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Drywall on the river

Construction on this house has been a long grind, but the end is near and we think the product will be worth it. The space transforms once drywall goes up.





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Austin Home magazine: GET LOW

The East Austin Residence is featured in the Spring issue of Austin Home magazine. Mitchell Alan Parker describes our "high-minded, budget-conscious" approach to the project with comments from the owners. Pick up a copy today to read more!

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Landscape Begins (finally)

We took a little bit of a break after finishing the house to decompress and figure out what exactly to do with the landscape. Now things are going strong again and the yard will get finished up very quickly with the help of American Trees Landscaping and some great designers. We'd like to thank Jennifer Orr and Megumi Aihara for all of their great design advice and suggestions and especially Gena Wirth for taking our design concept to another level and designing a great landscape for this house.

The great thing is we are re-using almost all of the landscape materials we harvested from the site when we originally cleared it.

We had a lot... check out our first post in January to see what the site previously looked like. First steps: we re-used the pavers to create a patio in the backyard.

We built our own custom gabions using metal panel fencing and then started to fill them with the concrete cylinders and general debris. (we'll reorganize the contents a bit later). The gabions are great because they will help slow down water runoff and soil erosion on the sloping site and serve as benches.

In addition to re-using all of the site materials, creating a landscape that was low maintenance and durable in the austin environment is of critical importance to us. So, we are using a lot of low maintenance native plants, only a small planted area of low maintenance grass, and lots of gravel.

More to come in the next few days.

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The custom shelving is almost finished. It weaves through the house creating special views while defining different spaces.

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The interior of the house is really starting to take shape now that the drywall is up. Patchmasters began work last monday and finished hanging the drywall within a few days.

You can understand how light and shadow move through the space now.

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Moving upward

Our sign is officially posted.  Come one come all.

Behind the sign, the framers are moving on up as they start preparing the roof.

Catwalks criss-cross the main living space.  They are impressive to see in use.

By the end of the day, the workshop walls are up and we're almost ready for the porch roof.

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