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Hill Country Bakery Addition

Rolling in Thyme and Dough began as an organic produce vendor in 2006 and has transformed into a Dripping Springs hot spot -- a place where people can relax, work, and enjoy a wide assortment of food. It has done so by preserving the existing home it operates out of (originally built in the 1890's), building on the town's historic fabric in a manner which enhances the ambience of the community. 

The business, however, has consequently outgrown the old house. In order to alleviate congestion and enhance the great social atmosphere it provides, the owner decided to add a new dining room, EI bar, kitchen, storage and outdoor deck.

The design strategy strives to pay homage to the existing house by lightly connecting to it with a series of simple buildings that open to the surrounding nursery. It also applies minimal stress to the existing structure while allowing the business to continue functioning during the majority of construction.

The surrounding nursery provides a great opportunity to integrate the spaces and porches in a beautiful garden setting. A deck will extend from the new dining area, conneced by a series of windows.

"Green" screens provide protection from a harsh sun, integrate the new and old facades, and redirect existing circulation paths.




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Foundation Begins in Dripping Springs

Construction recently began on an addition we designed for Rolling in Thyme and Dough - a bakery, diner and nursery that has become a social gathering space for the hill country town of Dripping Springs, TX.  The diner currently operates out of a house that was built circa 1900 and will remain open for most construction as we build three new buildings which will lightly attach to the existing.

The first section to go up will serve as a new main entry and contain bar seating for computers and chatting.

We'll face a number of challenges attaching to such an old building, hopefully there won't be too many surprises and the new and old will compliment each other.

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Interiors (private)

The interior of the house is just about finished with only small touch ups remaining. Here are a few shots showing some of the bathroom and bedroom details.

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Finishing the Pour

Today we finished pouring concrete. 3 of us dug out the last  4 piers and footings for the front porch, then we used bags of ready mix concrete.

now we'll clean up and regrade the site, and erect the steel beams. next week will be a little slow as we wait for city and bank approval before we install the steel... its actually good timing because south by southwest and the ncaa tournament are both starting!

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Concrete Arrives

We finished pouring concrete today for all of the deep drilled piers and the back porch footings. tomorrow we'll finish the front porch footings (we had to wait on digging those so the truck wouldn't crush them).

The crew from Mario's Concrete continue to do a good job.

A crew also came in and set up our temporary electricity pole.

and of course every construction site needs a port-o-potty.


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Setting the Tubes

concrete delivery was delayed until tomorrow, but that was probably a good thing because it gave us more time to ensure the pier formwork was set up properly. there was one little problem today:

be careful when you're looking into a 15 foot hole, you might drop something in... like a phone. one of our guys had his slip out of his jacket and it took a full team with mcgiver-like skills to recover it.

with some rebar, a plastic plate, and some wire, the phone was finally rescued.

we finished the day digging the footings at the back porch. digging a 2ft x 2ft square 4ft down is no joke.

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