Blog posts for July 2011

Kitchen Cabinetry

July 29, 2011. By lowdesign. 2 comment(s).



Concrete Counter Test Pours

July 24, 2011. By lowdesign. 0 comment(s).

We exposed the aggregate by performing a throw test: We threw the block of concrete up in the air.  We did this three times.  The first two it landed on natural ground/debris and stayed intact.  The third time it landed on the sidewalk and broke.  Conclusion: no throwing concrete at our countertops.






Delivery at 1615 Garden Street

July 23, 2011. By lowdesign. 0 comment(s).

All of the fixtures and appliances for the house have been arriving.  We took our chances with a lot of online (tax-free) ordering, and so far so good.

Four men with no straps lifted all the major appliances from the ground up to the back porch.  The back porch is 7+ feet off the ground.  The fridge and the double oven each weigh 200 lbs.  It was impressive.

Stair = Return Air Vent

July 21, 2011. By lowdesign. 1 comment(s).

The stair from the front porch entry door down to the main level is also our return air vent.  We replaced the risers with grilles, with the large return air ductwork hidden behind the steps and leaving our large walls uninterrupted.


July 3, 2011. By lowdesign. 0 comment(s).

Interior painting started this weekend (done by a crew led by Jorge Morales). In order to enhance the natural light reflecting throughout the house, all of the living and kitchen space is painted white. The owners were interested in color for the other spaces, so each of the rooms off the living space have their own unique colors (some subtle, some not).