Blog posts for March 2011

Moving upward

March 31, 2011. By lowdesign. 0 comment(s).

Our sign is officially posted.  Come one come all.

Behind the sign, the framers are moving on up as they start preparing the roof.

Catwalks criss-cross the main living space.  They are impressive to see in use.

By the end of the day, the workshop walls are up and we're almost ready for the porch roof.


March 30, 2011. By lowdesign. 1 comment(s).

Today the guys finished framing the opening and began constructing the front porch.  Its great because now you can really understand the house in space

We set up recycling at the site at the beginning of the week to make sure we limit our waste. We plan to rent a wood chipper when the woodwork is done to turn scrap pieces into mulch for the yard.

The entry is framed out, except for the landing area and stair where you arrive.

The front porch is finally framed - its also the entry level.

We made our sign using a salvaged piece of metal when found in the yard at the beginning of the project. We'll put it up tomorrow!

Rain or Shine

March 29, 2011. By lowdesign. 0 comment(s).

The day started off with a constant drizzle, which probably was a good thing because Austin hasn't had much rain in awhile, but it didn't deter Martin and his crew. They spent the day putting in the window headers and second floor beams.

We considered calling this project "tree house" because it floats above the ground and directs framed views towards the trees.

There are no stairs to get up to the loft level yet, but its there.

It was a good, long, productive day even with the early morning rain.

Platform framed

March 28, 2011. By lowdesign. 0 comment(s).

Don't try this at home. Martin and his crew were at it again today, framing all the first floor the interior walls.

The volumes are taking shape and you can begin to feel what the spaces are like. Each wall is put together on the the platform and then raised into place.

After all of the first floor walls were in place, the guys made sure the entire building was plumb.

The first floor is done, now onto the second tomorrow.

Austin, we have walls

March 26, 2011. By lowdesign. 0 comment(s).

While other people were relaxing on the weekend, we got a lot done. The ground floor sub-floor is finished and many of the exterior walls framing the main living space are erected.

Early in the day, Martin began work to finish framing the back porch. The rest of the guys started laying out the interior walls and building the exterior walls.

After putting together the main components of the wall on the platform, they were lifted into place.

By days end, we could see the volume of the living space come into focus.